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Product information


The KONE MonoSpace 700 adds value to commercial and residential buildings which have demanding people flow and ride comfort requirements. It features a broad range of interior options, superb ride comfort and excellent eco-efficiency.


  • Description: Machine room-less elevator for new and existing buildings
  • Speed: up to 3.0 m/s
  • Max. travel: 90 m
  • Max. load: 2500 kg
  • Max. persons: Up to 33
  • Max. elevators in group: 6


  • 52 professionally designed car interiors to choose from
  • Six design themes to inspire you
  • Over 100 accessories and materials that can be combined to create a customized look and feel

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KONE MonoSpace® highlights


  • Excellent eco-efficiency – hoisting technology, lighting and standby solutions for energy efficient operation.
  • Superb ride comfort – smooth and silent operation through the latest elevator technology and quality tests performed after each installation.
  • Versatile design - a broad set of attractive materials and accessories to create the perfect interior for your elevator.

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The KONE Design Collection is a versatile set of inspiring elevator car interiors that have been created by our award-winning design team. Choose a complete interior from one of the collection’s contemporary design themes, or create your own unique look and feel by mixing and matching our wide range of materials and accessories. And where accessibility is a high priority, we also offer interiors compliant with the EN81-70 accessibility code.

The KONE Design Collection: six themes with 52 car interiors available for KONE MonoSpace 500, MonoSpace 700 and MiniSpace.


Smart, flexible solutions that every modern building should include to improve user experience and building management

  • KONE Access - a scalable and flexible access control system.
  • KONE Destination - improved user comfort and optimized traffic handling
  • KONE Information - effective communication channels for elevators and landings
  • KONE Monitoring - monitor all your equipment from a single location

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Elevator solutions

ProductDescription + segmentMachine roomMax speedMax travelMax load/persons
KONE EcoSpaceCost-efficient passenger elevator for low-rise residential buildingsNo1.0 m/s35mup to 13 persons
KONE MonoSpace 500Versatile passenger elevator for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildingsNo1.75 m/s70 mup to 15 persons
KONE MonoSpace 700Highly flexible passenger elevator solution for demanding commercial buildingsNo3.0 m/s90 mup to 33 persons
KONE MiniSpaceHigh-speed passenger elevator for high-rise buildingsYes10.0 m/s400 mup to 26 persons
KONE TranSysAdaptable passenger and goods elevator solution for public transport, retail, hospital buildingsNo1.6 m/s40 mup to 66 persons
KONE S MonoSpace
Highly flexible elevator solution for demanding commercial buildingsNo3.0 m/s150 mup to 36 persons
KONE N MonoSpaceVersatile elevator for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildingsNo2.5 m/s90 mup to 21 persons
KONE N MiniSpaceVersatile elevator for mid-rise residential buildingsYes3.0 m/s150 mup to 18 persons