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KONE Israel – pleased to meet you!


We, the people at KONE, understand the flow of cities, people, and technology. The city is an important part of all our lives. To bring cities to the next level, we have to build them better, smarter, and more people-oriented.

KONE Israel is the leading elevator company in Israel

Our story begins in 1961 with the founding of Isralift Ltd., which for many years focused on manufacturing and installing elevators and providing service to a wide range of projects throughout Israel. During that time, the company was also Israel’s sole licensed provider of products made by the global corporation KONE.

In 2013, the cooperation and synergy between the companies resulted in KONE’s decision to buy Isralift outright. Since then, Isralift has been the Israeli branch of KONE and a member of the global KONE family.

At the beginning of 2018, KONE’s Israeli branch made the official decision to adopt the KONE brand and become KONE Israel. The natural connection between Israel’s Isralift and Finland’s KONE, which began about a decade ago, joins the experience, community roots, and family atmosphere of the industrial workers in Israel with the proven track record and reputation of this international company specializing in technology, innovation, safety, and the promise of a better tomorrow. Together, we have generated added value of knowledge, professional excellence, reliability, and a fierce desire to meet the new challenges brought about by progress.

Vision and strategy

Different types of buildings serve different functions and affect the flow of people and the spaces in which they move in different ways. KONE’s vision is to provide the best People Flow® experience possible. This means that the company provides its clients end users ease, effectiveness, and an optimal user experience throughout a building’s lifetime.

To make the vision a reality, KONE has defined four ways in which it leads with its clients:

  • Innovative joint ventures and new capabilities: New technologies are changing our lives and the lives of our company’s clients faster than ever before. The people at KONE Israel are succeeding in meeting the changes by virtue of constant learning and ceaseless reinvention.
  • Client-centered solutions and services: Client are looking for partners than understand their changing needs and can help them succeed. Understanding these needs allows KONE Israel to offer flexible solutions and services that provide added value in best way possible for clients and users.
  • Quick, smart execution: Clients want partners in building projects and services to be professional, quick, and dependable, and they choose partners that consistently seek to improve their own performance. KONE Israel works fast and works smart, focusing on activities that are of the greatest value to their clients.
  • A professional, service-oriented approach: Clients appreciate partners that strive to understand every topic and work to rise above expectations. What sets KONE Israel apart from its competitors is the excellent service it provides.

The organizational culture of KONE Israel is firmly based on safety and quality:

  • Safety is the company’s watchword, topping its every agenda. KONE Israel believes that every accident can be prevented.
  • Quality is the responsibility of every KONE Israel employee. Quality is an inseparable part of the company’s work, from the time a client signs a contract, through the product planning process, to the services the company offers post-installation.

The longtime dedicated employees at KONE Israel are attuned to developments in their field and among their clients and are responsive to their changing needs. Every single day, KONE Israel turns ideas and dreams into enjoyable, convenient reality. We love new challenges, provide top-quality, modern, and reliable technological solutions, and are proud to spearhead an industry that enhances the quality of life in Israel.