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Our easy-to-use tools and informative downloads support you throughout the lifecycle of your building. You can create elevator specifications, design a car interior, and read more about our latest solutions and services. You can also download practical planning guides for many of our solutions.


“I like KONE mainly because of the ease of use of their online design software. It makes a hell of a difference to myself as a professional to be able to design and create lift specifications in such a time-saving way. It is a short and sweet way to get an answer when I need it.” - Architect, South Africa

Tools for Elevators


KONE Elevator Planner

Plan your elevator: Create a configuration that matches your needs and generate detailed specs, CAD drawings and BIM files.


KONE Elevator Selector

Select your elevator: Three easy steps is all it takes to find the right elevator for your project.


KONE Car Designer

Design your own elevator interior. Choose a theme from the KONE Design Collection, or mix and match materials, lighting, and accessories to create a unique look.


Need help?

Whatever phase of the building lifecycle you’re in, we’re always here to help, whether you’re planning a new project, thinking about modernizing, or need support with how to purchase equipment.